2017 Board of Directors Nominees

This year the members who wish to be elected to the Alder Brook Board of Directors (BoD) are welcomed to have a photo on short description about them.  If you have alerted the BoD Secretary that you want to be on the ballet and you would like to be added below please email JT Isherwood with your photo and a short paragraph to be posted.  Thanks.
Incumbents designated (I)

2017 Board of Directors Nominees:

Kevin Adamaitis (I)

JT Isherwood:
I’m currently serving as the club’s Electronic Communication Committee Chairperson (aka Webmaster).  I update and maintain the website and email list for the members.  I’m an active participant in the Wednesday night pistol league.  I’m a NRA certified Pistol instructor.  My hobbies include hunting, fishing, and competitive shooting.  I wish to see the club grow and bring in new shooters in the area.

Jack Merner, Jr. (I)

Scott Pontti:
My name is Scott Pontti. I live in Bethlehem and I have been a member of ABSA for 2 years. I am interested in becoming a Board member to help facilitate the future club goals, expand membership, and develop competitions that are not only fun for the club members, but to also see this as a means to expand the club’s menu of services for club growth. We all want to see the club succeed and the means to which that happens includes improving the revenue stream coming into the club and managing expenses. I believe that opportunities exist for the club to become the destination of choice for attracting new members and competitions while also maintaining an environment that is safe and enjoyable. I am passionate about an outdoor lifestyle and I greatly enjoy the shooting sports. I hope I can earn your trust and support during the upcoming nominations for the Board later this year.

Kyle Rines:
My name is Kyle Rines and I am running for a board of directors position at ABSA. I have been a member of the club for a few years, now I wish to become more involved behind the scenes. My goal is to help expand, promote, and protect our club.
 For those of you that don’t know me, I operate and maintain heavy equipment for a large construction company. For fun I enjoy hunting, fishing, reloading, camping, and tinkering on anything with an engine.

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