“Vote Trump!”

Vote Trump!
“If a man only does what’s required of him, he is a slave. The moment he begins to do more than he is required, he becomes a free man.”
We will be getting either Hillary or Trump for our next President. One agrees with and supports the Second Amendment; one does not. One will leave the gun-owners alone and one will attack us in an effort to strip us of our rights. There is no choice here for the gun-owners. We must elect Trump. If you are a registered voter, vote for Trump. If you are not registered, you can register the day of the election (November 8th), then vote for Trump.
If you are reading this, one can safely assume that you are a gun owner or part of a gun-owning family. It is your duty and obligation to vote in the upcoming Presidential election. That is the least you can do.
A gun-owning-type “free man” will make that effort PLUS bring someone else along who will vote for Trump. Things have never been more critical for us.

~Sandra Moscicki

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