About ABSA.Inc

The Association was formed in the 1960’s when the two Littleton based clubs, The Littleton Rifle & Pistol Club and The Hill Top Trap and Skeet Club merged forces and created the Alder Brook Sportsmen’s Association. The land owned by the ABSA was purchased from the Town of Littleton and five additional acres were obtained from an adjacent land owner.

The Association has always conducted programs which involve the public such as Trap, Skeet and firearms competition.  It provides access to it’s ranges to surrounding area police departments (Officer qualifications) and other Law Enforcement agencies such as N.H. Fish & Game,  the U.S. Boarder Patrol, and The Association of NH Chiefs of Police.

“The mission of the Alderbrook Sportsman Association,  is to foster an environment of all shooting sports by providing opportunities for members and youth to receive shooting instruction,  provide a safe venue for shooting; by promoting organized shooting events, by promoting fellowship and good sportsmanship, and by providing opportunities for the community and family activities, while keeping firearm safety paramount in the pursuit of all of these activities.”


The Association Officers (term ending):

President / Director Bill Lauze (June 2025) / sawsmfg@yahoo.com

Vice President, Webmaster / Director Brent Buddensee (June 2023) / brentabsa@althor.net, absa.listserv1@gmail.com

Secretary / Director Charles Lovell (June 2024) / stick60@msn.com

Treasurer / Director Sandi Moscicki (June 2025) / absatreasurer@gmail.com

Additional Association Contacts:

Membership Committee Chair  Buddy Miller (June 2024) / absamembership@gmail.com

Director Kevin Adamaitis (June 2025) /

Director Dave Carbonneau (June 2025) /

Director Eric Larson (June 2024) /

Director Roger Pusher (June 2024) /

Director Kevin Rines (June 2023) /

Director Kyle Rines (June 2023)/

Director Tucker Tracy (June 2023) / ttracyoriginal@gmail.com